I was a Lecturer at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago from 2013-2018. At SAIC, I taught “First Year Seminar” courses for the Liberal Arts department. While the subject matter of my courses was philosophical, their primary aim is to teach college-level writing skills. Some recent syllabi are linked below.

“FYS I: The Concept of Faith” (Fall 2017)

“FYS II: Skepticism” (Spring 2017)

I find it helpful to devote some class time each week to teaching writing skills. I’ve included a few (robustly field-tested) handouts and exercises that I’ve found useful for that purpose below.

Peer critique activity

Thesis statements


Directness of expression

Common sentence troubles

Feel free to use the above exercises for individual or classroom purposes (but please ask me before re-using in other contexts).

Good teaching is extremely important to me. See my teaching statement below for a description of the approach I take to teaching.

Teaching statement